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ScootyB Team

Our company develops unique patent-based toys. ScootyB was created by Dror and Eran who sought to produce a superior product that helps kids all over the world stay active and unleash their wild sides, while also being challenged on an intellectual level. The ScootyB scooter is the first in an up-and-coming line of kids’ products aiming to change the child’s consumer experience, pump it up and engage in new rules of play. And while a happy childhood and fun are our ultimate goals, we place great emphasis on safety and environmental sustainability.

ScootyB is staffed by an amazing team of dedicated child’s’ play experts, all professionals in our respective fields, each contributing from our own unique experience and enjoying every moment of working in a child-oriented toy kingdom.

At ScootyB, we know how to pump it up and have a blast – and we want your child to feel the same way when riding our great new toy! Chat with us.


Our Vision


At ScootyB, our dreams are big and the opportunities before us are endless. Our team has worked tirelessly to provide kids with the ultimate scooter, where a simple pump mechanism will challenge their minds and bodies and will encourage endless hours of riding fun. We continue to work towards developing new and amazing sports innovations. We have lots of exciting products and ideas on the way, growing our brand, and giving kids something to look forward to.


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Our Product

ScootyB is a new and innovative scooter, complete with a patent pedal-propulsion mechanism, geared towards kids aged 3-7. The special sporty design creates a different and exciting riding experience.

The scooter is equipped with a pump on the standing rider surface so that the kid must only gently pump the pedal to propel the scooter forward without any effort. The scooter is safe and stable and has 3 big, balance-friendly wheels.

The Team Behind ScootyB

Eran Mordechay
Co Founder
Dror Meiri
VP Product Development & Co Founder
Ilanit Yoel