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Frequently asked questions

Parents beware; This scooter will greatly improve your child’s balance,

challenge their physical fitness, sharpen motoric skills and boost independence

as they master riding like big kids and have lots and lots of fun.

Assembly Instruction Guide

ScootyB Assembly Instructions


What age range is the ScootyB scooter intended for?

ScootyB scooters are optimal for boys and girls aged 3-7

What is the weight capacity for ScootyB scooters?

The maximum weight permitted for riding the scooter is 50 kilograms. The ScootyB scooter is not intended for children under the age of 3 or over the age of 7.


Does the scooter need to be assembled?

Yes, the scooter is extremely easy to adjust. Please see Assembly Instructions.

How do I assemble the scooter?

Adjust front wheels, please see Assembly Instructions.


How can I purchase ScootyB products?

Visit to view and purchase ScootyB’s scooters and accessories in a wide variety of color options.

Coming soon, store neer you.

The item I am interested in purchasing is out of stock. When will I be able to order it?

We regularly replenish our stock items, so please keep checking our website. We encourage you to leave your email addresses so we can notify you when your desired item is back in stock. Chat with us

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

We will ship your package as soon as possible. You will receive a delivery notification with a final invoice once your package has been shipped.

Maintenance and Care

My scooter’s wheel has come loose. How can I fix this?

The scooter’s screws must be tightened periodically. A proper screwdriver or wrench should be used.

My scooter’s pedal seems to be jammed. How can I fix this?

Please make sure that the chain is in its proper position.

How can I obtain spare parts for my scooter?

The customer service department at ScootyB can help you with your scooter parts needs. Please visit or chat with us


What is the warranty on ScootyB scooters?

The ScootyB scooter is covered by warranty of 12 months for material and manufacturing defects. Within the warranty period, it is at the discretion of ScootyB Ltd. To decide whether the products under warranty, repaired or replaced. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse, such as incorrect mounting, negligent operation, impact against curves, etc. The warranty does not cover normal wear or wastage of parts such as: wheels, handlebars and back break.

Return Policy

What are ScootyB’s product return, exchange and order cancellation policies?

The customer service department at ScootyB can help you with your inquiry. Please visit or chat with us